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Question : How long will my order take?
Answer : 

There are several factors that can influence how long your order will take but the following general guidelines apply: Reorders usually ship within two weeks. First time orders for stock designs can usually ship within three weeks. First time custom orders require a minimum of three weeks so please plan ahead.

Question : Where does my order ship from?
Answer : Canadian orders ship FOB Vancouver Canada.
US orders ship FOB Blaine Washington.
Question : Where is your price list?
Answer : We are a wholesaler selling to retailers and corporate clients so we do not publish our pricing on the internet. If you would like to tell us a bit about your business we would be happy to fax or email you a price list.
Question : How do I set up my merchandising unit?
Answer : Please visit our Merchandising section for complete step by step instructions on how to assemble and make the most of your new Cowichan Merchandising System.
Question : How much does a custom embroidery cost?
Answer : Each custom embroidery is very different from the next. In order for us to give you an accurate quote please email us your image along with an estimate of the total number of pieces required.
Question : What is your minimum?
Answer :    Our minimum order is 24 pieces per design. For orders of 13 - 24 pieces a surcharge of $2.50 per embroidery will apply. For orders of 6 - 12 pieces a surcharge of $3.75 will apply.
Question : What types of things can you embroider?
Answer : We embroider most textiles including garments, towels, blankets, fabric panels, hats, canvas totes and sports bags.
Question : What kind of artwork do you need for a custom embroidery?
Answer : Our preferred format is Adobe Illustrator but we can work with EPS, PDF, JPG, TIF AND BMP images.
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