Souvenir Merchandising

Retail Apparel Merchandising System

Cowichan Souvenir Co. introduces a unique merchandising system that ensures maximum visibility of the product while preserving the order and symmetry of the display.

Our retail merchandising solution, featuring our ladder design & shirt in a tube system, is one of a kind. It provides the retailers ease to organize, maintain and display their product but also supports customer’s interest in the product. Customers can browse the available designs, touch and feel the quality of the product, while effortlessly finding their size on the shirt tubes.

The Design
The Cowichan Embroidery merchandising system follows a ladder design. It is our signature ‘t-shirt in a tube program’.

The cedar cabinets are erected upright together and yet apart with a cubbie in between.  The cedar cabinets each hold up to 140 tubes while the width of the cabinet allows for a facing of each size from S – XXL.  The rope ladder is the perfect t-shirt display, making it easy for your customers to see the quality in the embroidery design.

Benefits in Retail
Our t-shirt in a tube program helps retailers keep organized while minimizing the disruption to the retail display.

It helps retailers efficiently showcase the products, keeping it easy to maintain and arrange the merchandise.
It allows customers to freely browse the product, giving them an opportunity to touch and feel the quality designs.

Types of Displays
Cowichan offers two types of merchandising units’ designs:

It consists of a single Ladder and a cubbie. Please view the assembly instructions below.

It consists of a single ladder and 2 cubbies. Please view the assembly instructions below.